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Graduates of the Women's Mentorship Program

Each year, the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) recruits 14 to 16 female managers from overseas credit unions to participate in the Women's Mentorship Program. Since 2002, 176 women from 18 countries have graduated, with over 200 Canadian credit unions hosting and sharing their knowledge.

Learn more about some of our alumni by reading the profiles below.

 WMP participant Alice kosgei
Alice Kosgei, Kenya

Since returning to Kenya after participating in the Women's Mentorship Program in 2011, Alice has achieved many great things with her SACCO.  She has seen a healthy growth in SACCO membership and a steady decrease in loan delinquency.

More information about Alice's progress can be found here.

 Maggie Maglass, graduate of CCA's Women's Mentorship Program Maggie Maglass, Malawi

Maggie Maglass of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO) graduated from the Women's Mentorship Program in June 2010. Since returning Maggie's credit union has developed a business plan and has introduced improved record keeping and loan policies which have reduced delinquency.
Two additional staff members, a loans officer and a cashier have also been hired and Maggie plans to improve women's participation in the SACCO. The credit union is also considering a new location and opening their bond of membership to the wider community.

More information on Maggie's progress can be found here.

 Ruth Kaseregenyi, graduate of CCA's Women's Mentorship Program Ruth Kaseregenyi, Uganda

When CCA met with Ruth at Rushere Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO) in Western Uganda in January 2011, Ruth reported a 13.5% increase in membership across the SACCO's five branches over seven months. She was also pleased to report that the SACCO's repayment rate had improved by 35 per cent. "Our target is to get to 90 per cent repayment rate in the next year," reported Ruth. She also plans to computerize the book of accounts, expand the SACCO location and organize information exchanges with sister credit unions. On a personal level, Ruth believes that the program increased her confidence, something which has allowed her to more easily gain the support of her staff.

More information about Ruth's progress can be found here.
 Grace Modekayi, graduate of CCA's Women's Mentorship Program Grace Modekayi, Malawi

A graduate of the 2010 Women's Mentorship Program, Grace Modekayi of Auction Holdings Employees Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO) has used the skills she gained from the program to help build a 3-year strategic plan for her credit union. She has also seen a 37 per cent increase in membership since her return, despite the bond only being open only to employees of Auction Holdings Ltd. Grace is focusing on increasing women's participation and improving marketing for the credit union. When CCA visited her in January 2011, she indicated that in general she feels more confident as a manager.

More information on Grace's progress can be found here.

Edith Awula Nangobi, graduate of CCA's Women's Mentorship Program
Edith Awula Nangob, Uganda

Edith Awula Nangobi of the Kamuli Twisania Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO) in Southern Uganda is a graduate of the 2010 Women's Mentorship Program. When CCA caught up with Edith in January 2011, she was happy to report that since her participation in the Women's Mentorship Program, Kamuli Twisania SACCO had become the lead credit union in the district and has increased its membership by 9.6 per cent. Since returning, Edith has also seen the acquisition of new accounting software, has improved filing systems and has incorporated regular monitoring and evaluation procedures. In the future Edith looks forward to expanding the SACCO's financial literacy programs, particularly those that reach women, youth and those living with HIV/AIDS.

More information on Edith's progress can be found here.

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