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Barbados - Technical Assistance to Support the Co-operatives Department: Promoting Co-operatives: Completed

The Government of Barbados has invited CCA to help its Co-operatives Department retool its capacity to grow and develop the non-financial co-operative sector in Barbados. The consultancy will work with the Co-operative Department to create and implement a strategic plan for growth and to provide training to department staff in becoming co-operative developers.  For the first time, CCA is using webinars to orient and train participants from the four countries.
The consultancy seeks to support the growth of the Co-operatives Department to a government agency that can effectively promote the non-financial co-operative sector in Barbados.
Sharon, a grocer at the St. George Farmer’s Co-op retail outlet

CCA will use a fully participatory methodology with a "training co-operative developers" approach for the activities of this assignment. Co-operative principles call for the full participation of members in the decision-making of a co-operative; the same principle applies here.

Such a participatory process will be employed to identify training needs within the Co-operatives Department; in the design of training programs; in "training co-operative trainers"; to craft an appropriate marketing plan; and other deliverables as appropriate and as identified by the Co-operatives Department and CCA.

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Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Government of Barbados
Value of Services:

20 Month Consultancy

Technical Advisors/Volunteers:
Sam Kean - NFLC
Glen Fitzpatrick - NFLC