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Vietnam: Sustainable Livelihoods for Women in North Vietnam: Completed

Check out CCA's Final Evaluation Report for results on this and other completed projects
By empowering socio-economically disadvantaged women and men to become business owners and entrepreneurs you give them the tools necessary to improve their quality of life. Partnering with three microfinance institutions, all of whom were part of previous CCA projects, this project aims to provide these tools by strengthening the institutions in-house capabilities to; provide entrepreneurship training and business development support services that link enterprising women to markets, technology, financing and business information.

This project demonstrates how economic growth in Vietnam can be more inclusive and dynamic when socio-economically disadvantaged segments of society are mobilized and empowered to pursue sustainable livelihoods.   The convergence of microfinance and business development support provided by CCA's Vietnam partners strengthen the prospects for sustainable livelihoods for women, many of whom are from ethnic minorities who have been left out of the country's economic growth.

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Total Budget:
5 Years


Direct Beneficiaries:
450 households

Indirect Beneficiaries:
7,200 households

Implementing Partners:
  • TYM - Tao Yeu May or "people loving people"
  • MACDI - The Microfinance and Community Development Institute
  • CFRC - Community Finance Resource Centre
Financial Support:
  • DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development)