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Expanding the Reach of Micro-Insurance in Southeast Asia III (ERMISEA III): Completed

Check out CCA's Final Evaluation Report for results on this and other completed projects.
RIMANSI Organization for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (RIMANSI) was established in March 2005 and works with credit unions, rural banks and microfinance institutions to set up and license micro-insurance mutual benefit associations (MI-MBAs) in four countries; Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. These MI-MBAs provide life, credit life and health coverage to its members. Through their research and advocacy role RIMANSI is helping to create standards and frameworks for regulating MI-MBAs as well.

CCA has been working with RIMANSI since its creation in 2005 and through its projects have shown that a regulated insurance model owned by low income people is not only sustainable but also can be replicated.

This most recent project intended to deepen and widen the scope of outreach, service delivery, efficiency and competitiveness of 34 Micro-insurance Mutual Benefit Associations (MI-MBA) and Micro-insurance Programs in the Southeast Asian region, adding 17 new ones to the current 18 existing in the RIMANSI network for a total of 34 institutions. Through this project an additional 1.5 million people now have insurance and the peace of mind that having social protection for themselves and their families if the worst should happen.

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Total Budget:

4 years

Direct Beneficiaries:

Indirect Beneficiaries:

Implementing Partners:
  • CDF (The
    Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada)
  • DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada)

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