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Philippines: Persons with Disability Pursuing Empowerment and Employment through Co-operatives: Completed

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The National Federation of Co-operatives for Persons with Disability (NFCPWD) was founded in 1998 to provide support and services to PWD (persons with disabilities) co-ops and to promote co-ops as an alternative vehicle for PWD empowerment and socio-economic progress.  The organization is entirely owned and staffed by physically disabled persons.

NFCPWD Philippines CCA Project

CCA began working with the NFCPWD in 2005 and the goal of this current project is that men and women wtith disabilites  are able to pursue employment, empowerment and independence through participation in sustainable co-operatives 

This four year project builds on previous work and accomplishments between CCA and NFCPWD and includes the creation of a business development unit (BDU) to support co-operative development.  The BDU will work on business incubation, pilot testing, business needs assessments, investment assistance and other technical services that will facilitate the development of viable and sustainable co-operative enterprises.

Ongoing trainings to support this business centered approach include: Management, leadership and governance training; occupational safety and waste management training; and marketing and advocacy training. These trainings are undertaken with local and Canadian technical assistance.


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Total Budget:

4 Years

Direct Beneficiaries:
390 households

Indirect Beneficiaries:
2600 individuals

Implementing Partners:
National Federation of Co-operatives for Persons with Disabilities (NFPCWD)

Financial Partners:
  • DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development)