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Improving Rural Livelihoods in Mongolia: Completed

Check out CCA's Final Evaluation Report for results on this and other completed projects.
The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) has been working with the co-operative sector in Mongolia since 2003 and this partnership has achieved results that are creating a marked improvement in living standards, self-confidence and economic optimism. CCA has developed strong relationships with numerous partner organizations in Mongolia, including the Mongolian Co-operative Training and Information Centre (MCTIC), the Central Union of Mongolian Industrial Co-operatives (CUMIC) and with the Confederation of Mongolian Credit Unions (MOCCU).

Improving rural livelighoods in Mongolia

The goal of the project is to improve the management and governance of primary co-operatives in order to better serve and improve the livelihoods of their members.  This is being acheived through training sessions and assistance from long term Canadian technical co-operants.  A Mongolian version of the successful CCA Women's Mentorship Program was also undertaken within Mongolia in 2014.  This program provided professional development to 12 Mongolian credit union managers through mentoring and training over a two week period.

The project brings together vital players in the Mongolia Co-operative Movement including MOCCU, FRC (The Financial Regulatory Commission or State Financial Regulator) and MCTIC. 

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Total Budget:

22 Months

Implementing Partner
  • MCTIC: The Mongolian
    Co-operative Training and Information Centre
  • MOCCU: Confederation of Mongolian Credit Unions
Financial Contributors:
  • CDF (Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada)
  • Peter Hlushko
    Co-operative Studies Fund.