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Entrenching Credit Union Solutions in the Philippines and Asia

The Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions works with its 12 members (national federations of credit unions) in 10 countries to promote and strengthen credit unions to ensure they are effective instruments for socio-economic development. Organized on April 28, 1971, ACCU has 40 years of evolving experience in credit union development, starting from promotion, to developing leadership, to institutional development and professionalization.

The ACCU/CCA partnership began in 1983 when CCA's support to ACCU included providing 50% of the salary of the General Manager. Since that time, ACCU has become self-sufficient in its trade association functions and the relationship with CCA has evolved along with ACCU's ability to deliver capacity-enhancing training programs.

ACCES flow chart


This most recent project developed and tested a risk based supervision tool that national federations can use to access credit union performance and reviewed requirements for the development of a credit union stabilization fund in the Philippines and in Nepal. Project funds were also used to promote the ACCESS brand benchmarking and accreditation tool developed by ACCU in the previous project and was piloted in 20 primary credit unions as well as expanded the ACCU Credit Union Microfinance products to two new regions in the Philippines, increasing farmer's access to much needed credit and financial services.
Total Budget:

4 years

Direct Beneficiaries:

Indirect Beneficiaries:

Implementing Partners:
  • CDF (The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada)
  • DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada)

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