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Rwanda: Co-operative Agriculture Growth

Rwanda has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade and continues to place co-operatives at the forefront of the move towards self-sufficiency and poverty reduction. In support of efforts to improve household food security and income levels, CCA is building on a three year pilot to improve the productivity, marketing, infrastructure and management capacity of 15 agricultural co-operatives and their members.
Rwanda - Co-operative Agriculture Growth participant

First, the project will increase food availability by helping small-scale, rural farmers to improve the quality and quantity of food they produce, second it will increase farmer incomes and third it will reduce households' ongoing vulnerability to food insecurity by increasing their resilience through improving nutrition and strengthening the co-operative's governance and management.

We asked participating farmers to evaluate the impact of the RCAG project through the lens of their disposable cameras. Learn about their achievements through a sample of their Photovoice experience.

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Total Budget:
$4.5 million

5 years

Direct Beneficiaries:
18,000 households

Indirect Beneficiaries:
100,000 individuals
Financial Partners:

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