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Ghana: FOSTERING (Food Security Through Co-operatives in Northern Ghana )

Over the past two decades, CCA, SEND, and CUA have developed significant experience working on food security issues in Northern Ghana.
CCA Fostering Project in Ghana

The FOSTERING project directly tackles four key areas of improving food security and sustainable economic growth for small-holder farmers;improving production; better marketing of products; expansion of household activities into off-season businesses; and access to finance. The project's direct beneficiaries are women and men small-holder farmers that are members of credit unions.

The project simultaneously builds the capacity of farmers as members of financially viable agricultural co-operatives as well as members of strong credit unions. Successful agricultural co-operatives help improve production, diversify farming activities, enhance processing and storage, and improve marketing. Strong credit unions help provide a stable source of financing, required by the agricultural co-operatives and farmers. The project incorporates important gender and climate resilience strategies to ensure sustainability of outcomes.

FOSTERING is benefiting families in the Eastern Corridor (EC) districts of East Gonja, Kpandai, Nannumba North, Nananua South, Zababazu, Talae, Sangule, Chereponi and Krachi Nchmuru.

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Total Budget:
$8.2 million

5 Years

Direct Beneficiaries:
42,000 individuals

Indirect Beneficiaries:
331,800 individuals

Implementing Partners:
  • SEND (Social Enterprise Development Foundation)
  • CUA (Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Association)
Financial Partners
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