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Ethiopia - Climate Resilience and Co-operatives: Completed

Check out CCA's Final Evaluation Report for results on this and other completed projects
This country that has battled famine and drought in the past is now fighting another battle, against the imminence of climate change. A lack of predictable rainfall and chronic overuse of the land are playing havoc with crop yields, water supplies and livelihoods in this stunning yet parched part of the world.
The Amhara region of northern Ethiopia provides much of the nation's food needs. Deforestation, declining rainfall and unsustainable farming practices are contributing to environmental degradation in the region.

Ethiopian Farmers get a better price for crops with co-operatives

CCA, with funds from the Co-operative Development Foundation (CDF) and Global Affairs Canada joined this fight with a project based in the Amhara region and completed in 2015. The Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resource Association (EWNRA) and Self Help Africa (SHA) partnered to implement the project which aimed to improve the resilience of farmers whose lives depend on the land and its yields. These strategies for natural resource management are about encouraging awareness, collaboration and ownership within communities to promote sustainable farming techniques.

Farmers were encouraged to partake in trainings with new technologies to mitigate soil erosion and improve crop yields, conserve water, high yielding seed varieties were introduced at affordable prices and access to credit through their co-operatives was made available.  With encouraging results showing, these farmers are now equipped with the tools, knowledge and experience to adapt to the effects of climate change and to teach others in their communities. Global Affairs Canada has taken note of the project's success and what lessons it may hold for future climate smart rural development initiatives.
Total Budget:
$2.1 Million

24 months

Direct Beneficiaries:

Indirect Beneficiaries:
Implementing Partners:

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