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Tanzania: MALI (Meru and Arusha Livelihood and SACCO Initiative): Completed

Check out CCA's Final Evaluation Report for results on this and other completed projects.
The MALI (meaning "wealth" in Swahili) project focuses on the Arusha Meru Women's SACCO based in Arusha, Tanzania by strengthening both the income generating activities of its members and the SACCO as an institution. 

Bob Fournier, CCA TC, talks with Grace from MoCU in Tanzania

Members are mostly focused on income-generating activities such as the production and trading of milk and vegetables.  The project looks to further develop these activities by providing training in the production and trading of these goods and members entrepreneurial skills.  Trainings are also held for leaders and staff of SACCOs in co-operative management and leadership. 

This is being accomplished through assistance from Canadian technical advisors and the extensive skills of three institutes in the area, with MoCU (the Moshi Co-operative University), the local partner taking the lead. MoCU specialises in co-operative and entrepreneurial training. 

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3 years

Direct Beneficiaries:
3451 households

Indirect Beneficiaries:
20,706 individuals

Implementing Partner:
  • (MoCU) The Moshi Co-operative University 

Financial Support: