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Environmentally Sustainable Programming

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CCA recognizes the interdependence that people living in poverty have with the environment, and how even minor changes can affect their ability to feed their families and make a living. Moreover, marginalized groups such as women and youth experience an even greater vulnerability to the impacts of environmental events such as climate change. CCA is committed to supporting these people to adapt to climate change through our programming. Crucial to our approach is consulting with partners and co-op members on their environmental concerns to ensure that project activities are supported at all levels.

Addressing the environmental realities within our programs is essential to the success and sustainability of our work. All projects undergo an environmental review to ensure that activities will not have an adverse affect on the environment, and to determine the presence of any risks which may affect project results. During this process, CCA works closely with local experts to leverage and incorporate their knowledge of the local environment into the project design. Where necessary, CCA requires that projects receive a full environmental assessment.

Our current programming includes environmental activities such as:

  • Conservation farming
  • Building climate resilience
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Development of organic farming and marketing practices

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