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What We Do

CCA has over 40 years of experience designing and implementing gender equitable and environmentally conscious projects to build sustainable livelihoods and reduce poverty in the sectors of agriculture, finance and micro, small and medium enterprise development (MSME).

How We Do It  

CCA has implemented a wide-variety of projects, from short term efforts valued at $100,000 or less, to multi-year, multi-country initiatives of $20 million or more. Our strength is our network: Canada's co-operatives, which represent more than 160,000 skilled employees, and the network of co-operatives partners from around the world. Between these two groups, CCA accesses a wide range of expertise that provides technical assistance in CCA projects in its three sectors. CCA offers 4 key services:


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Strengthen institutions and capacity: CCA builds sustainable institutions that create wealth and reduce poverty, based on co-operative principles. Using appropriate training packages and gender mainstreaming initiatives, CCA builds capacity of boards of directors, managers, employees, and members of co-operative enterprises.


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Enhance business planning: CCA helps co-operative enterprises make money. CCA's provides technical assistance to design business plans that move co-operative businesses up their value-chains; to better identify and respond to market opportunities; to use better information technology to their business advantage; to be responsive to women members needs and to adopt approaches that are environmentally sustainable.


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Create enabling policy and regulation: CCA works directly with co-operative representatives and government officials to create or improve policy and regulatory environments for credit unions and other financial intermediaries; for farmers and agricultural producers; and micro, small and medium co-operatives businesses.


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Manage projects: CCA provides responsible and effective human, financial, and project management services in all areas of the project cycle, from design to delivery to evaluation. This ensures results and partner expectations are met.