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Co-operative Governance

Welcome to CCA's Co-operative Governance site

The effectiveness of co-operatives and credit unions is closely linked to the ability of the members of the governing board.   CCA seeks to foster co-operatives and credit unions that are well governed, managed, sustainable, and firmly focused on the delivery of benefits to their members and the communities in which they operate.

CCA has built up a reputation amongst its members and partner organizations within the co-operative movement for providing content-rich materials relating to corporate and co-operative governance.

The association has consistently raised the bar in terms of the co-op system's understanding and knowledge of the latest thinking and activities relating to governance and the role of the board and directors. 

This site contains the latest research, best practices and lessons learned on issues related to co-operative governance and leadership.

Through this site you can access our e-newsletter, Governance Matters, profiles of past winners of CCA's Co-operative Governance Awards, our e-toolkits, and a number of additional resources. In addition, the Institute of Co-operative Leadership provides a forum to discuss governance issues.

Find out how your board measures up against other co-op and credit union boards through the resources available through this website.

Counting on Canada's Co-ops and Advancing with Distinction: 2008 National Reports on Credit Union & Co-operative Governance Practices

CCA and Brown Governance are pleased to announce the results from the second national survey of credit union and co-operative governance practices. Released in March 2009, Counting on Canada's Co-ops analyses credit union and co-operative governance practices while Advancing with Distinction focus on credit union governance practices. Both reports examine such areas as:
  • board selection practices
  • board and committee composition
  • director terms and tenure
  • board and committee compensation
  • board responsibilities
  • board and director evaluations
  • director education
  • board reporting and measurement practices
  • member and stakeholder relation practices
Data on corporate sector practices are also included, allowing co-operatives to see how their governance practices either lead or lag the corporate sector. To purchase a copy of the report click here.
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