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Co-operative Education

*Scholarship applications open January 7, 2014*

Canada has a number of educational institutions which have programs or research centres specifically related to co-operatives.  These include:

Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (University of Saskatchewan)

Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy (University of Victoria)

Co-operative Management Studies, Saint Mary's University

Co-operative Management Certificate Program (Schulich School of Business, York University, in partnership with the Ontario Co-operative Association)

IRECUS: Institut de recherche et d'éducation pour les coopératives et les mutuelles (Université de Sherbrooke)

In addition, the Coady International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University offers programs related to international co-operative development and microfinance.

Non-academic training programs of particular interest to the Canadian co-operative sector are offered by:

CCA Institute of Co-operative Leadership

CUSOURCE® Credit Union Knowledge Network/ Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC®)

CoopZone Developers' Network Co-operative

Other Canadian research centres and networks which deal with co-operatives within the broader context of the social economy include:

Canadian Social Economy Hub

Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network (Mount St. Vincent University)

Social Economy Centre (University of Toronto)

Investigating the Social Economy: Northern Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Research Node

BALTA: BC-Alberta Research Alliance on the Social Economy

ARUC-ÈS: l'Alliance de recherche universités-communautés en économie sociale (Université de Québec à Montréal)

Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada

The primary Canadian academic associations for the study of co-operatives and the social economy are:

Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC)

CIRIEC - Canada: Centre interdisciplinaire de récherche et d'information sur les entreprises collectives

Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER)

Academic programs and organizations based outside Canada include:

ACE: Association of Cooperative Educators

Centre for Co-operative Studies (University College Cork, Ireland)

The Co-operative College (UK)

UK Society for Co-operative Studies

University of Wisconsin Center for Co-operatives (US)

NASCO: North American Students of Cooperation

Norm Bromberger Research Bursary

Please note that the awards and scholarships listed above are intended to support studies about co-operative businesses and organizations -- they are not intended to support co-op work/study programs in other fields of study.