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Provincial and sectoral profiles

Co-operatives exist in every sector of the economy and can touch every aspect of our lives. You can be born in a health care co-op and buried by a funeral co-op. In between you can work in a worker's co-op, live in a housing co-op, buy your groceries, clothing and other items from retail co-ops, send your children to a child care co-op, do all your banking at a credit union, and purchase your insurance from an insurance co-op. Below are profiles of some of the types of co-operatives operating in Canada.
 Province (PDF)  Type (PDF)
British Columbia Agricultural Co-ops
Alberta Consumer Co-ops
Manitoba Credit Unions
Newfoundland & Labrador Housing Co-ops
New Brunswick Insurance Co-ops
Nouveau-Brunswick (français) 
Worker Co-ops
Nova Scotia  
Ontario (français)  
Québec (français)   Top 50 Non-Financial Co-operatives in Canada (2006)
- released by Co-operatives Secretariat, 2008
Prince Edward Island
The North